I’m a Spanish and Catalan lawyer, based in Barcelona, ​​which specializes in offering legal and consulting services to foreign individuals and companies, where necessary, throughout Spain.

My typical clients are those who need a lawyer with an international profile and linguistic skills, and who mostly require services in English, although I can also offer services in Italian, Spanish and Catalan.

Of all the services I offer, those with the greatest demand refer to property rights, but that is not the only field in which I practice. I also provide clients with advice on all matters related to civil and contractual law in English or even in Italian.

I have been practicing since 2000 as a professional. I have been working with the Norwegian Consulate in Barcelona for over 15 years. They know me and recommend me because they know the high level of commitment I have with my clients. They invite me to their official receptions, changes of consul, etc.

I have also had a lot of contact with the foreign community in Sitges and surroundings, where many of my clients are British. Also my personality and gay friendly attitude.

Among the most important mentions I have received is the interview that the Telegraph newspaper did to some of my clients.


My strong points are the real estate law, purchase sale of real estate, rents, community issues, challenges of tourist flats, etc and labor law; but I do everything, job dismissals, negotiations of commercial or labor contracts, advice to start ups or small businesses, for example I make many inheritances of foreigners who die in Spain, wills, and basically any need that a foreign citizen has. I work with a tax lawyer and try to cover the largest field of advice possible. I manage clients’ properties, etc.

In my role as lawyer specialized in labor law and trade union, I am the lawyer of the Association of Urban Transport Drivers of Barcelona, ​​of the Metropolitan Transport Company of Barcelona TMB. That, not It only gives me professional cache, but it forces me to face the best lawyers in Barcelona, ​​with which I obviously have a “training” that then benefit the rest of clients. Obviously I also represent individual people who have work problems and even advise and represent small businesses, although they are the least.

Within the workplace, I was representing airline pilots, I represented a flight attendants union, and I was in the negotiations to close Spanair advising one of the unions. Currently I am behind the legal actions of the taxi drivers against Mytaxi (I am in the photo that was made after the trial – I am the lawyer)  and against Cabify.

Another of my characteristics is that I usually work for percentages of earnings. If I’m not of your help, I do not deserve to be paid. If, on the contrary, I help you, and you have not paid anything, we distribute benefits generously. In this way there is no lawyer and client, but a society, we are partners, we are in the same boat, we paddle in the same direction; and and I try to create a complicity that favors communication. I believe in quality, not in quantity. By having some activities that give me a flow of cases and income, I am selective when it comes to capturing new work. It is not a question of working hard, but of working well. A happy customer is the best marketing that exists. I am generous and I like to empathize with clients, and if I think I can help them I look for the formula; but I’m not the cheapest, nor do I want to be; I know that I am good, and that my success depends on working hard on cases; an overload of work for not covering expenses would lead me to have a higher workload than I can carry, which would go against me; therefore, but I am clear that stress and responsibility are paid.

My best publicity is the results, voice to voice.