Why Me

What to look for in a Spanish lawyer

Law is one of those professions where personal input matters more than in some others. You should have a good feeling when you interact with your lawyer – the communication should flow. This not only means good language skills are a must, but it also requires an understanding of cultural differences and especially of different legal cultures. Furthermore, you need to feel empathy and motivation from your lawyer, the sense they are eager to help you and will treat your case with the importance and priority it deserves. When it comes to buying real estate in Spain, an independent lawyer who specializes in the field is particularly recommended – you need to know they have only your best interests at heart and their advice is sound and impartial. Finally, you need someone who is not only motivated to help you but who has the right knowledge, skills, tenacity, and expertise to avoid pitfalls, find solutions and actually achieve your goals.

What are you looking for? How can I help you?

How many times I have heard that buying a property in a foreign country is scary, and buying real estate in a country that you don´t even speak the language it is even scarier. How many people have been put off buying a dwelling in Spain because couldn´t find the right person to deal with?

How many of my clients have told me that it is very difficult to find good English speaking lawyers to buy a property in Spain?

How many times I have heard that before coming to you, I went to an x law firm and all they want of me was my money and were not interested in me.

Or another classic, I was too little fish for them, they were not interested in me, the law firm gave me a junior lawyer, which was learning, was good BUT as well as inexperience was overloaded of work, had too many cases and could not attend them properly, all that while I was paying senior legal fees.

Or even, I didn´t know who´s my lawyer was, every time there was someone different, every now and then lawyers were changing, and it was like starting all over again.

Or I didn´t have a person that managed my legal issues, regardless if he was the one that solved them directly.

How many times I have been asked how do I find you?

I have to say that I am very privileged to have a gift to help people and enjoying my profession. I am a lawyer not by vocation per se, whereas a way of helping people, which is what I like.

Very soon in my career, I saw there was a need in the market for good English speaking lawyers for the growing international community. Very successful professionals, some working for companies, some other just for themselves, some other just living and enjoying living in Spain living the dream of a place in the sun, felt the need of someone to trust and to delegate legal work, which it could go from a very little minor issue to a big court case, from a private rental contract to buying a house, or even doing the contract with a developer for a grand design; from doing an inheritance after the lost of a dear one, to a selling the property inheritance or acting as a will executor.

Why me?

  • “To get exactly what we want we had to go bespoke,” says Rebecca. “It also seems so much more effective.” We chose our constructor first because we liked the work he had done for others, then we found a smashing lawyer, Hugo Navarrete, who helps us tremendously.


  • As you might know, there are certain professions that personal input is more than others. When you interact with a lawyer you need to have a good feeling, communication has to be fluid meaning not only language skills which are certainly a must but also understanding and embracing cultural differences and especially understanding different legal cultures; furthermore you need to feel the empathy and motivation from your lawyer: feeling that is eager to help you, to jump on your case and the commitment to the case. Finally, you need to make sure that is sharp, intelligent, knowledgeable and with enough expertise to make it happen.

We all agree on that but sometimes as a client, you don´t know where and how to start. You are lost, and that ´s why people ask for referrals.

However, not everybody can´t find referrals, either because is new in the place and you don´t have contacts that can introduce you to their network, either even having a network nobody has had good experiences; or even despite having a lawyer, you simply that want to change. It is also true that communication is changing very quickly and every time in society we talk less and we chat more; that´s why in addition to the traditional word of mouth, technologies open new ways of communication to be able to help people who may need this profile of lawyer. For those cases, I am doing this, in order to make myself contactable and available to those who have a need for legal help. 

Some Testimonials

Seli BSeli B
11:11 29 May 24
Hugo is excellent - he is kind, efficient and smart. Hugo helped me with a rental contract ending and negotiating a new apartment contract.He answered his mobile phone the first time I tried to call him and by the next morning I had what I needed.He even followed up with me before my meeting in case I had any questions.I felt very supported by Hugo and he was not annoyed with all my questions, he was so patient.I speak Spanish but spoke to Hugo in English as it’s my native language and I prefer it in legal matters.I highly recommend Hugo!
Ellen FinjordEllen Finjord
16:29 28 May 24
We were introduced to Hugo in autumn-23 when we were going to buy an apartment in Barcelona. The ones we bought from had been helped by him for about 13 years. Hugo met us in a professional and dignified manner. He helped us with the acquisition of NIE, was with us and the sellers in the contact meeting at notorius.The help Hugo offers is invaluable. He gives us security in a foreign country with a foreign language. We can ask him for help and advice, and he is more than happy to help us. Hugo has become a good friend and we look forward to the further collaboration.
Ellen FinjordEllen Finjord
07:16 28 May 24
Carl de JagerCarl de Jager
08:31 19 May 24
I found Hugo through a Google search for property lawyers who are ethical and speak English. From the beginning, the process of buying property in Spain was very intimidating. My level of Spanish was not sufficient to navigate the complexities of Spanish law and bureaucracy. Hugo was incredibly quick to respond to my initial inquiry, and I soon realized that even when he was not immediately available, he would always call back within a couple of hours. This promptness was very reassuring during such a stressful time.Hugo is not only professional and diligent but also friendly and personable. From our first interaction, I felt confident that I had found someone who genuinely had my best interests at heart. His transparent approach and kindness made me feel supported throughout the entire process. Hugo’s patience in explaining each step in detail was invaluable; he ensured that I understood everything clearly and felt comfortable moving forward.Thanks to Hugo, what could have been a daunting and overwhelming experience was transformed into a smooth and successful journey. His meticulous attention to detail and unwavering support made all the difference. I highly recommend Hugo to anyone in need of a reliable and ethical property lawyer in Spain. He truly made a significant positive impact on my property-buying experience.
Heat HugHeat Hug
07:39 09 May 24
I have used hugo to help me out with an issue due to property and one thing I was reassured that hugo empathised with my case and really helped calm me down in moments of panic. Great guy.
Manon MaaloufManon Maalouf
08:28 07 May 24
Hugo was amazing! He is a very humane person who, in my situation, had no obligation to help me. He did it willingly and without him it would have been much more difficult for me to get my money back after moving. Scams are unfortunately still numerous, and in a foreign country it feels good to be able to count on people like Hugo.Thanks for everything Hugo!
09:52 30 Apr 24
Hugo is an absolute gem of a lawyer. He was recommended as an English speaking lawyer who handles property transactions in Spain via a FaceBook group. I'm so glad to have had his attentive, detail-focused help al through the process of selling my much-loved place in Catalunya, and it was a pleasure to be accompanied throughout by his knowledge, professionalism and really warm and unpretentious personality, too. His fee included the preparatory work and accompanying me on the day of signing. Excellent. I am very pleased.
emma hughesemma hughes
22:08 27 Mar 24
Having recently bought a village house in Andalucía, Spain, Hugo Navarrete was recommended by the vendor of the property for the role of conveyancing the property. We were able to instruct Hugo to co-ordinate both the sale and purchase. As both parties were UK based and neither had a fluent grasp of the Spanish language or legal process, communication was paramount. Hugo is bi-lingual and was able to translate documentation, make phone calls and attend meetings on my behalf. He also used email and WhatsApp which speeded the conveyancing up. Hugo really took the stress out of buying, his support and professionalism were invaluable and I am now the happy owner of a lovely house with mountain views. Thank you Hugo!
Matthew KregerMatthew Kreger
04:28 22 Mar 24
Hugo managed to get us NIEs in less than a week, and proceeded to hold our hands throughout the process of buying a flat, keeping us from making stupid mistakes and making the whole process go far more smoothly that we imagined possible. He's super responsive, knowledgeable, and friendly. Couldn't recommend him more highly.
Gillian SmythGillian Smyth
09:59 14 Mar 24
We recently purchased a property in Spain, and found Hugo through a Google search. From the outset, we found him to be very upfront and direct, and he had our trust from the start. He was diligent and thorough, and had our best interests throughout. Although we were in Ireland, we were very comfortable knowing that Hugo was watching out for us. We can’t thank or recommend Hugo highly enough, he really looks after his clients. Pat & Gillian
zena khalilzena khalil
13:36 05 Mar 24
I found Hugo through an Online search and after reading the reviews I met with him. All those positive reviews are accurate and even short to commend on the qualities and service level Hugo provides.First, I am writing this review a little over 6 months from my first interaction with Hugo and after the apartment purchase is completed, all my questions are answered and there is literally nothing pending. And I can tell you that I am grateful to have chosen to work with Hugo. The type of purchase I went for (which is my first apt purchase by the way) was not straight forward as it was Bare ownership/ usufructo type of sale. Hugo let all the effort and discussions with a highly ethical and moral compass that considered the Seller and buyer equally. He was very patient, and really walked us through all the details and legal possible loopholes.He ensured that we are covered, helped negotiate with realtor / buyer and ensured that we are exposed or duped.The real estate agent was not straight forward and hid a few pieces of information that at the time of signing the sale caused a tax issue that risked the sale and exposed financially a little bit. Hugo was on top of it, ensured we know all our rights as buyer and devised a contract with realtor to legally protect us and get back our financial exposure. And imagine, he did all this without asking for a money of his fees!! In fact, I have been chasing him to pay his fees and he has pushing back to ensure everything is complete and we don't have anything pending before sending his invoice.Highly recommended!!Thank you Hugo ❤️🙏
Dennis Krings-ErnstDennis Krings-Ernst
13:21 29 Feb 24
Hugo is a committed lawyer who gets things done for his clients. He is certainly unconventional, but extremely caring, excellent in execution and absolutely by the book. Highly recommended partner for any business you have in Spain.Hugo is a great lawyer. It's certainly a bit unconventional, but you can tell in every interaction that he wants to achieve the best for his customers and he knows his stuff very well and does excellent work. Highly recommended as a partner in Spanish matters.
Sílvia RequenaSílvia Requena
10:20 19 Feb 24
Thank you very much for everything Hugo, in addition to being a decisive professional, you are the most supportive person I know. I hope you continue helping many more people with your professionalism and sensitivity.
10:45 08 Feb 24
We highly recommend Hugo as a lawyer for first-time homebuyers like us, expats navigating the Barcelona real estate market. He's professional, responsive, and genuinely cares about his clients. Hugo's proactive approach, including two trips to the municipality at no extra cost, ensured a smooth process. His transparency and commitment make him the perfect choice for anyone navigating a home purchase.
10:36 07 Feb 24
Hugo resolved all my queries with great professionalism and preparation. We will contact you in the future. Thanks for your attention.
isabel Onandiaisabel Onandia
15:59 01 Feb 24
I have had the good fortune to work with Hugo Navarrete on several occasions. He is a professional and very efficient person, he goes out of his way to find solutions and when you contact him he always responds. I would definitely recommend working with him.
Jordi Gonzalez TorrensJordi Gonzalez Torrens
18:55 19 Jan 24
Everything perfect Hugo. It was a pleasure, thank you.
emma hughesemma hughes
23:04 16 Jan 24
johnny jonesjohnny jones
17:40 14 Jan 24
Dear Hugo,This is Johnny and Peter and you recently represented us when purchasing our first apartment abroad.We wanted to take a moment to express our sincere gratitude for the legal guidance and support that you provided during the acquisition process.Firstly one of THE most important things for us was how you responded to us as people. This quality is priceless and represents one of your greatest virtues as a lawyer.You helped us navigate our first encounter with the vagieries of the housing market. Plus the fact that we were buying abroad meant that we were doubly in the dark and in need of help!.Your extensive knowledge of real estate law and an acute attention to detail instilled a confidence in us right from the beginning, knowing that we had sound and solid legal representation.Your fastidiousness ensured that all the legal documents produced were thorough and accurate. This was very important as there was an initial problem with the certificate of habitation, which meant that the whole process was delayed. This left us feeling unduly stressed and anxious.Consequently we really appreciated your level of communication which included prompt responses to our inquiries, via both phone and email. This made us feel valued as clients. You made yourself available whenever we had any enquiries or concerns and your down to earth and friendly manner always left us feeling reassured and confident.We also appreciated your clarification skills especially when the owner was behaving in a way that was puzzling to us. There were further delays with the land registry and you persistently chased the Notary on our behalf to iron out all of the problems that were stopping the registration from going ahead. It was evident that our best interests were always your top priority.It was only when everything had been successfully registered that you presented us with your invoice.Thanks to your legal expertise and professionalism we are now the proud owners of the apartment that we have always dreamed of.After a rollercoaster ride with a few bumps along the way we are set to continue onto our next adventure. And for this reason we will be using your assistance again as we consider our next purchase.We would highly recommend your services to anyone seeking legal representation in real estate matters. Especially people who are buying for the first time.Sincerely,Johnny and Peter.14/01/24
Tobias MaierTobias Maier
10:57 08 Jan 24
Hugo helped with the purchase of an apartment on the Costa Brava and I am happy to recommend him!He gave me absolutely professional, efficient and honest advice and support in every step, from searching on the right platforms, to viewing apartments and negotiating with sellers, to the notary appointment and the successful closing.Communication with him is quick and flawless in English. His experience in the Catalan real estate market alone is worth its weight in gold. The security I got from Hugo's help is priceless. I'm looking forward to inviting him to my new apartment!
Pedro Ultraran LariPedro Ultraran Lari
08:20 06 Dec 23
I have known Hugo Navarrete for some years, always willing to lend a hand beyond what his profession requires of him. I have to thank you for your human quality and professional dedication. Thank you for the extra effort and impetus in carrying out your work. With people like you, you feel a little more protected from injustice.
Paige PetersonPaige Peterson
11:26 04 Dec 23
Hugo was very kind and very professional. He accomplished our task as quickly as possible and kept me updated throughout the process. Whenever I’m in need of a lawyer I will definitely call Hugo again! I highly recommend his services.
donagh houlihandonagh houlihan
14:09 02 Nov 23
Hugo was recommended to me by an English friend who had purchased property in Barcelona some years previously. It turned out to be a great recommendation. We did a quick check first and found that he is listed on both the Irish and Norwegian consulate websites, which was a good sign. After we engaged him, Hugo guided us through the entire process and went out of his way to help us with things beyond the purchase of the property, including securing NEIs, getting house insurance and registered with the municipality. We felt that he was very much our advocate and he engaged with the mortgage lender, the seller’s representative, and others (even while he was on holiday!). Our situation was unusual, in that my wife is based in Norway, and I’m Irish, but working in Dubai, and neither of us speak any Spanish, but I always felt sure that Hugo could solve any problem. Not only does he know his stuff, but the man is an absolute gent and will be at our new apartment for cocktails as soon as it is ready. If you need an English-speaking lawyer in Barcelona, you cannot go wrong with Hugo. Can’t recommend him highly enough.
rob sewellrob sewell
20:09 13 Oct 23
We came across Hugo via the UK Foreign Office list of lawyers for Spain. We were buying a property in Barcelona and Hugo was great; very easy to deal with (in English), calmly helped us through the byzantine (to us) spanish property buying process, pointed us in the right direction when we needed it, was available as needed (even in August) and provided sound commercial advice as we went along. We'd highly recommend him.
jo plattjo platt
17:03 10 Oct 23
Well what can I say, Hugo is just exceptional professional caring lawyer with great passion for the work he does, he is a rare find in my experience, how fortunate We were to have found him, from start to finish he worked so hard to get us the right outcome, and believe me this was not a easy transaction, when me and my partner decided to move to Catalonia we new that properties in rural parts have many problems, like unregistered buildings, lost paperwork etc…. so eventually we found our forever home We decided to appoint a lawyer called Hugo, this was the best thing We could of done, The estate agents who was selling the property to us said that we do not need one as the sellers pay for the notary and We would be wasting our money, how wrong she was, so never listen to them. I’ve learnt so much through this transaction but what I can say On the day of the signing Hugo our lawyer travelled 2 hours 30 mins to attend the notaria with us, on the last hour the estate agent produced a document which deeply concerned Hugo, all I want to say on this matter that we did not sign……on the advice of our lawyer, and how right he was,. Hugo sat with the notary for many hours, had lengthy phones calls emails to try & resolve the issues with the deeds & wording of the documents, the amendments were finally agreed to our advantage with the hard work and determination of our lawyer Hugo, buying this property with no lawyer would of been a absolute disaster, we would of been left with a property which had many problems regarding being unregistered paperwork etc….we would of been throwing our money away, Hugo argued strenuously over weeks to get all the paperwork in good order, and after a long 3 weeks he git what we wanted, but believe me it was very stressful, but at all times Hugo reassured us, always kept us updated with e mails and phone calls,. The day came again to sign, we attended the notary , this time Hugo was happy with all the amendments on the documents, he saved us from buying a property that was unregistered & if we later in the future tried to sell we would of had difficulties without Hugo intervention. Hugo you was worth every single penny of your fees and so much more, you went above and beyond your duties, and for that I will always be grateful and again thank you for everything you done for us , I can only say through my experience Hugo is a rare find, compassionate and never stops fighting the clients corner, to find a lawyer who deeply cares and one that will fight your corner on every level is exceptional,I will recommend all day and every day.Thank youJojo & Ever
Gail OcallaghanGail Ocallaghan
15:33 02 Sep 23
Gail..As an American it was hugely important for us to find an English speaking attorney who would calmly walk us through the whole process. We had some legal difficulties transferring funds from the United States and it was causing us acute timeline anxieties, so much so that we almost called off the purchase until we found Hugo online.. From the start he was incredibly warm, attentive and professional, he was able to put all the right people in contact for the sale to finally go through on time and without a hitch.. We were so grateful and will most certainly be using his services again, he has quickly become a valued personal friend to us both.. We will happily recommend him to anybody ...Gail and Eddie
13:20 30 Aug 23
Hugo helped me with the entire process of the purchase of my apartment in Barcelona.He was patient, thorough, organised with great attention to detail. Hugo was there for me whenever and he really cared about making sure I knew everything.He went above and beyond for me to help me with anything I needed and I feel extremely lucky to have found him!He made everything so easy and things went smooth with him in charge.Thanks for helping me with something so stressful! Thank you thank you thank you!!!I can recommend Hugo a 1000000% !
Ms PhillipsMs Phillips
11:35 24 Aug 23
Attention to detail and true customer care. Hugo was integral in our journey to purchase our house. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Thank you Hugo for all your excellent work.
Peter GannonPeter Gannon
11:58 16 Jun 23
Hugo is a gem! I have relied on Hugo for over 17 years with a difficult house purchase and obtaining residency, amongst other services. He is not just a great lawyer but he's a real good coach and a calming influence. I also regard him as a great friend. I can recommend without hesitation.
Lucia UebelackerLucia Uebelacker
14:19 13 Jun 23
Mr Navarrete is a very competent and trustworthy lawyer. I felt very comfortable and understood. He is personally responsive to the needs of his clients. He knows his job very well and is also extremely pleasant and helpful as a person.I can recommend him 100 %. I will definitely contact him again if I need help again. All the best and thanks so much for your help, Mr Navarrete!Saludos Lucia
Corey MCorey M
17:02 30 May 23
I cannot recommend Hugo highly enough. He helped me with buying my first property here in Spain. As an Irish person I needed someone who not only knew all about purchasing property but could speak English. Hugo was great at keeping me in the loop and communicating what was happening during the signing for the property. When an unexpected discrepancy was found in the contract on the day which we had not been told about, he argued very well in my favor and secured a great outcome. He offers excellent legal support and I'll have no trouble recommending him in the future.
Gerard TolanGerard Tolan
17:25 09 May 23
I highly recommend to work with Hugo. We are so happy that we found him, thanks to the reviews here, he got our attention very quickly. Every step was perfect and he was on top of everything. It is really important to have someone like Hugo that takes control, but also makes sure to assist and keep you informed during every stage.
Amy McCabeAmy McCabe
10:39 09 May 23
We contacted Hugo in a stressful and time sensitive situation where we’d already signed a reservation contract on a property and the clock was ticking to complete our due diligence but our previous lawyer had become unresponsive.Hugo jumped into action immediately, asking to be introduced to our agent, the sellers agent and our architect. He was proactive and decisive in informing us on which documents we needed to start requesting. He kept us informed and up to date on the conversations he’d been having with the involved parties.From the first moment, Hugo conveys a sense of calm, respect, trustworthiness, diligence and professionalism. This was apparent to the other parties involved also. It is clear that Hugo enjoys and cares about his work and cares about your satisfaction as a client.We’re very happy with the choice we made to retain Hugo’s services to help us purchase our property and we would absolutely recommend him.
13:14 03 May 23
Hugo helped me complete a property purchase which was not so straightforward, but I felt confident and reassured throughout the whole process.As you can imagine It’s not easy buying a property 🏡 in another country, there’s many pitfalls and unknowns but Hugo was always quick to answer any questions or fears which is exactly what I needed during this long process. I can highly recommend him to anyone that needs a property lawyer you won’t be disappointed. 😀
Adelmo FacciniAdelmo Faccini
14:04 20 Feb 23
Hugo Navarrete - EsquireIn the past, I have dealt with many European professionals. As an American citizen, the issue, really, is the lack of promptness. You never really know what they are doing, if they are working on your case. You have to do this carousel of inquiries to find the status of your case. Communication which needs to be essential is non-existent.Our fellow Esquire Hugo Navarrete, has none of the aforementioned qualities.A good man, who takes care of business. Most recommended.
Patrik KovácsPatrik Kovács
18:39 17 Jan 23
I had problems with my tenants in my rental apartment, so I was looking for a property lawyer in Barcelona and discovered Hugo 's profile. I asked some highly specific questions and I can tell he is quite knowledgable in this field. He is direct, precise, professional and more than anything, approachable. Highly recommended.
Zoe SimmonsZoe Simmons
10:23 03 Nov 22
We recently bought a property in Sitges and needed a lawyer. My husband found Hugo recommended on the British Consulate website. We were living in Germany and found Hugo very responsive via email in the run up to coming over here. He very diligently and expertly dealt with the very complicated paperwork and accompanied us to both of our appointments with the notary. We consistently felt that Hugo was on our side and working very hard in our best interests, through some complicated negotiations with the notary. We trusted him completely to do what was best for us, and to know the exact details of the laws. Moreover, Hugo gives a very personal service; he is kind and open, and even wowed our sons with his magic tricks! He shared our special first afternoon in our new house with us, something we will always remember. We could not have completed the house purchase without him, and feel very lucky that we found him. Thank you, Hugo!
When leaving our prior rental apartment, our landlord tried to mandate we pay a penalty that the rental agent told us at contract signing was not applicable to us. This resulted in a contractual dispute which required legal expertise; this is how we ended working with Hugo. His help was exactly what we needed, and he was very effective at negotiating with the landlord’s legal team to resolve our issue. Ultimately, it was a favorable outcome for us, and this is primarily due to Hugo’s efforts. We would highly recommend him to any that could need similar legal support.
Mariano CarballalMariano Carballal
17:49 13 Sep 22
After a bad experience with a well-known lawyer buffet, we found Hugo on Google. We've read all reviews and decided to hire him to help us purchase our first flat in Barcelona. We can't tell how fortunate we were.He guided us through the whole purchase process. He is not only an outstanding lawyer but an excellent person. I can't recommend him highly enough.With his support, buying a flat in Barcelona was a stressless experience! He became our point person for legal advice.
William PoiuyWilliam Poiuy
14:13 10 Aug 22
Hugo is the best! It has been priceless to have hugo’s help for buying my first flat, he spotted correctly some important problem and advised me correctly to do the right decisions at the right time! Thanks again for everything and hope to work with you again next time!
Pavlo SeimskyiPavlo Seimskyi
16:37 08 Aug 22
I was struggling to get an answer to a simple but quite specific question about taxes when purchasing a property in Barcelona. Many lawyers made me wait for 1+ months for what was a matter of 3 minutes max. Thank god I found Hugo. I was hoping for a timely paid consultation with him but he simply responded to my email with the answer I was looking for! Just this shows that Hugo is a professional that does not look to take advantage of clients but is actually eager to help and do quality work. Thanks!
paul masonpaul mason
16:29 04 Aug 22
Excellent service. Professional. Helpful (read my blog on his website) and a very good English, Spanish and Catalan speaker
Abi FantasticAbi Fantastic
09:59 20 Jul 22
Testimonial for Hugo Navarette 19/07/2022My name is Abbie Nisbet- although better known as Abi Fantastic- An English Artist now living in Spain!I have recently been though the whole process of buying my new home in Premia de Mar, on the coast just upfrom Barcelona. I thought and heard from other people that the whole experience of buying property in Spaincan be a very stressful, taxing and a very frustrating thing. Thanks to Hugo this was not the case!Hugo came from a recommendation from a good friend of mine who has used his services in the past- so Iknew from the beginning I was going to be in safe hands. From the first time we met, Hugo’s attitude andpersona was relaxed as well as very professional. Just what I needed!I am now 33 and this is my first time stepping on the property ladder, so all a bit daunting. The money alsocame from the loss of my Father- my best friend in the world, which made the whole thing a very emotionaljourney for me. Hugo was aware of this and I remember the first contract I signed, Hugo was there with me,which made me feel reassured I was signing the right thing- as my Spanish is not the best. I was so elated andhappy after that first meeting with him and he even said how proud my Father would be of me! Very kindindeed. The property is perfect for me- with a lovely big roof terrace I will be building my new Art Studio on.When Hugo came to see the property for the first time, he was so excited for me and could see exactly thepotential I could see, which again made me feel very reassured!Of course, at this point I was thinking things were going a bit too smoothly- even though I believed my Fatherwas watching over me- making this dream of mine come true! So, as I mentioned I had the money there readyand waiting to transfer and pay off the previous owner's mortgage as well as giving him a nice lump sum! - Butthis caused a bit of a stir with the estate agents and especially the Notary. They questioned where my moneyhad come from and just seemed like all round difficult people to deal with. This made me very nervousespecially with the communication barrier. Hugo was there with me every step of the way... to keep me calm,translate wherever necessary and help guide me through the process. When it actually came to sitting aroundthe table with the previous owner and transferring the money... my hands were shaking and just wantedeverything to go as smoothly as possible. Of course, it did not. There was a massive delay with my moneygetting across and there seemed to be no proof coming through that the payment had been made. The Notarywas NOT happy and was saying she may even refuse the sale all together. Hugo was the man of the hour. Hekept me calm, he kept the Notary calm(ish) and suggested we all go for lunch to take some time and comeback and see if the money had cleared. I was getting a flight out of Spain the next day so it really had to be thatday! Thankfully the money did clear but still with no receipt. With thanks so Hugo the Notary let us exchange, Iwas allowed to take my new keys and promise the Notary I would go straight to my bank in the morningbefore heading to the airport to get them to send over the official receipt and proof of payment. This reallywas all thanks to Hugo’s calm persuasion! I would have been very lost in this moment without him!Since then, Hugo has kindly helped me with the final bits.... organising the last fees and payments... and I canhonestly say I now have a new lovely friend in him after all of this!I will be highly recommending him to any family and friends who may need his lovely calm, professionalexpertise in the future!BIG THANKS Hugo!My sincerest gratitude..... Abi Fantastic
Kate BusbyKate Busby
14:34 19 Jul 22
Made time for me and gave great advice. Thanks, Hugo.
Katie AndrewsKatie Andrews
19:20 02 Jun 22
Hugo is an excellent lawyer. He helped me to get the entire deposit back on my flat. He is brilliant at what he does and his ability to always remain so calm was very impressive. I highly recommend Hugo. He is a very kind, caring person and it was a pleasure to meet him. Thank you so much for your help Hugo! Katie
A Google User
A Google User
19:20 02 Jun 22
Hugo is an excellent lawyer. He helped me to get the entire deposit back on my flat. He is brilliant at what he does and his ability to always remain so calm was very impressive. I highly recommend Hugo. He is a very kind, caring person and it was a pleasure to meet him. Thank you so much for your help Hugo! Katie
Vernon LaceyVernon Lacey
09:01 08 Apr 22
Hugo managed the conveyancing of my flat in Poble Sec in Barcelona. He also managed the original purchase of the property and I had no doubt I wanted Hugo to complete the legal part of the sale. There were some tricky issues with the sale but Hugo managed each step efficiently and creatively, advising about the Cedula de Habitibilidad and liaising with the buyer's lawyer throughout the process. As I live in Germany Hugo acted for me using powers of attorney which meant I did not have to come to Barcelona. This was a great help. Hugo is the ultimate professional. He has a deep knowledge of the legal system and advises you at every stage what is required and where you are with the process.
Megha ChadhaMegha Chadha
14:13 04 Mar 22
Hugo is amazing, very approachable and helpful. He cleared all the doubts I had regarding the TIE, student visa and work permit and guided me with approaches to take both on a short and long term basis. Highly recommended.Thanks, Hugo!
Alexandra BakerAlexandra Baker
09:17 31 Jan 22
Hugo gave me a second opinion on my current case and I got answers and solutions, which I wasn’t given in 18 months! Apart from Hugo being very knowledgeable, he is easy to talk to (regardless of the seriousness of the topic) and his heart is in the right place. I am very pleased I came across him and I definitely 100% recommend his services. 5 stars are nearly not enough! Thank you Hugo!
Graham EisnerGraham Eisner
16:27 29 Nov 21
Great to work with Hugo, great legal advice and very much enjoyed the professional relationship we have developed.
Kevin TraceyKevin Tracey
11:38 07 Sep 21
Exceptional service. Quick, clear and concise communication.
Barbro HansenBarbro Hansen
12:51 25 May 21
We hired Hugo as our lawyer in 2017 in connection with an apartment purchase in Spain.It turned out to be a wonderfully good choice.For four years he has worked for our cause and been our connection with the real estate developer and the bank in Spain.The case was happily resolved in our favor this May.We are so deeply grateful for Hugo's unstoppable commitment - we would have felt completely helpless without his efforts.We can warmly recommend Hugo to whoever it is, he kept our hopes up with good, useful and constructive communication in an always pleasant way.We give him our best recommendations.
Simon Xu HornerSimon Xu Horner
19:19 01 Apr 21
If you are purchasing a place in Barcelona then you need Hugo by your side - I'd give him 6/5 if I could. I absolutely cannot recommend his services more - as an expat living and buying in a language I'm less than perfect in, having Hugo there to make sure everything was done correctly as well as giving sound advice was exactly what we needed.
Sarah McCreaSarah McCrea
09:06 24 Mar 21
Hugo was extremely quick and efficient when helping me with a legal issue regarding a residence in Barcelona. He dealt with my problem with great professionalism and he pursued my claim with great importance and acclaim. Hugo speaks in fluent English, therefore he was able to assist me with great precision and efficiency. He made me feel confident and respected as a client and I would highly recommend him to others. An all round great professional!
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