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Specialised in property transactions and conveyancing with many years of experience supporting the buying and selling of property in Spain. If you are interested in buying a house in Spain, please visit the sections: A DREAM COME TRUE,   REAL ESTATE,  WHY YOU NEED A LAWYER,   and WHY ME for further information.


Specialised in cases involving non-residents, including probate and the drafting and execution of wills.

Obtain NIE Number

The NIE is a personal number given to foreigners so that Spanish administrations can identify them.

Are you buying in Spain and don’t know how to start to obtain an NIE? Make it easy, make it enjoyable.

Don’t want to deal directly with the Spanish bureaucracy, language barrier, times, effort, delays, etc.? I don’t blame you

Why struggle when you can afford to outsource the service? I’d do the same.¡

NIE made it easy. Keep it simple and ask for help, we believe I help you.

We provide a fast and reliable NIE service, and payment is done ONLY once it is obtained.

Please, contact:  hugo.navarrete@gmail.com or +34661886587

For your information, the NIE is a personal number given to foreigners so that Spanish administrations can identify them and corresponds to the initials “numero de identificacion de extranjeros”, or: identity number for foreigners, as well as a Spanish Tax ID Number.

 The application for an NIE can only be made for specific economic, professional, or social interests. When you are notified, you receive a white document and, therefore, it is popularly known as a white NIE.

NIE is mandatory for non-Spanish citizens in order to pay taxes in Spain upon the purchase or inheritance of a property or to incorporate a company.

Start-Up Company

Setting up a business in any foreign country can be challenging, particularly so in Southern Europe. Hugo Navarrete provides the right legal support to streamline the process, helping you get started faster and more easily.

Legal Support in Spain

Receive invaluable preemptive legal support in Spanish, Catalan, English or Italian. Focus on all sorts of contract law,  mainly regarding property and employment law,  and the setting up of companies. Well-developed negotiation and litigation skills.

Also deals with many other legal issues, such as foreign inheritances, residency permits for business people, etc.

More information on LinkedIn or write to hugo.navarrete@gmail.com for more personalised information and rates for your type of case on a free, no-obligation basis.