Why me?

What to look for in a Spanish lawyer

Law is one of those professions where personal input matters more than in some others. You should have a good feeling when you interact with your lawyer – the communication should flow. This not only means good language skills are a must, but it also requires an understanding of cultural differences and especially of different legal cultures. Furthermore, you need to feel empathy and motivation from your lawyer, the sense they are eager to help you and will treat your case with the importance and priority it deserves. When it comes to buying real estate in Spain, an independent lawyer who specializes in the field is particularly recommended – you need to know they have only your best interests at heart and their advice is sound and impartial. Finally, you need someone who is not only motivated to help you but who has the right knowledge, skills, tenacity, and expertise to avoid pitfalls, find solutions and actually achieve your goals.

What are you looking for? How can I help you?

How many times I have heard that buying a property in a foreign country is scary, and buying real estate in a country that you don´t even speak the language it is even scarier. How many people have been put off buying a dwelling in Spain because couldn´t find the right person to deal with?

How many of my clients have told me that it is very difficult to find good English speaking lawyers to buy a property in Spain?

How many times I have heard that before coming to you, I went to an x law firm and all they want of me was my money and were not interested in me.

Or another classic, I was too little fish for them, they were not interested in me, the law firm gave me a junior lawyer, which was learning, was good BUT as well as inexperience was overloaded of work, had too many cases and could not attend them properly, all that while I was paying senior legal fees.

Or even, I didn´t know who´s my lawyer was, every time there was someone different, every now and then lawyers were changing, and it was like starting all over again.

Or I didn´t have a person that managed my legal issues, regardless if he was the one that solved them directly.

How many times I have been asked how do I find you?

I have to say that I am very privileged to have a gift to help people and enjoying my profession. I am a lawyer not by vocation per se, whereas a way of helping people, which is what I like.

Very soon in my career, I saw there was a need in the market for good English speaking lawyers for the growing international community. Very successful professionals, some working for companies, some other just for themselves, some other just living and enjoying living in Spain living the dream of a place in the sun, felt the need of someone to trust and to delegate legal work, which it could go from a very little minor issue to a big court case, from a private rental contract to buying a house, or even doing the contract with a developer for a grand design; from doing an inheritance after the lost of a dear one, to a selling the property inheritance or acting as a will executor.

Why me?

  • “To get exactly what we want we had to go bespoke,” says Rebecca. “It also seems so much more effective.” We chose our constructor first because we liked the work he had done for others, then we found a smashing lawyer, Hugo Navarrete, who helps us tremendously.


  • As you might know, there are certain professions that personal input is more than others. When you interact with a lawyer you need to have a good feeling, communication has to be fluid meaning not only language skills which are certainly a must but also understanding and embracing cultural differences and especially understanding different legal cultures; furthermore you need to feel the empathy and motivation from your lawyer: feeling that is eager to help you, to jump on your case and the commitment to the case. Finally, you need to make sure that is sharp, intelligent, knowledgeable and with enough expertise to make it happen.

We all agree on that but sometimes as a client, you don´t know where and how to start. You are lost, and that ´s why people ask for referrals.

However, not everybody can´t find referrals, either because is new in the place and you don´t have contacts that can introduce you to their network, either even having a network nobody has had good experiences; or even despite having a lawyer, you simply that want to change. It is also true that communication is changing very quickly and every time in society we talk less and we chat more; that´s why in addition to the traditional word of mouth, technologies open new ways of communication to be able to help people who may need this profile of lawyer. For those cases, I am doing this, in order to make myself contactable and available to those who have a need for legal help.