I would love to have your testimonial  about the services provided so other peope can get references about me and my work, please write it here.

Many thanks, Hugo

8 Replies to “Testimonials”

  1. Hugo is my reference in Barcelona, my right hand. He helped me when I was really in problems. He’s a good person and you can trust him.

  2. Hugo er en hjelpsom, flott person som har hjulpet meg med praktiske svar angående godkjenning av utenlandsk utdanning m.m. Anbefales på det varmeste.

  3. Hugo was recommended to me by one of his clients. He listened to my problem and gave me great, helpful advice immediately. He knows his stuff!

  4. We met Hugo 5 years ago in Barcelona when we decided to invest in property there. He was and is a great lawyer, very diligent with a real attention to details. He gave us great advice. Since then we are friends and recommended him to family and friends. If we have a lawyer anywhere it is him. Gracias mi amigo!

  5. Hugo helped me with important documents. He was very helpful and generous with his time. He has been even more help to my partner dealing with complex property issues and helped her to receive a large payment that was due to her but difficult to obtain. It would not have happened without his expert help.

  6. Many of my fears of finding good legal support as a foreigner in Spain were put to rest right from the start! I have only had a free telephone consultation with Hugo, and already he has demonstrated to be highly objective, supportive, and diligent in his field. I will be using his help should my situation require it in the future

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