A high proportion of my new clients come from referrals made by existing ones. These word-of-mouth recommendations are a source of great honour and satisfaction because I pride myself on providing high-quality service and making my clients happy. They also provide reassurance for new clients.

For testimonials about my work, please see the comments below. You’re also invited to view my LinkedIn profile.

If you are already a client, thank you for placing your confidence and trust in me. I’d be delighted if you left a comment in the box further below saying why you hired me and how I helped you.

Many thanks,



67 Replies to “Testimonials”

  1. Hugo responded very promptly to a call regarding a family matter and we found him to be objective and clear in his initial appraisal of the problem. He followed up immediately with an email setting out his thoughts which has helped a lot.

    As a professional myself, it is somewhat rare these days to be able to engage quickly with someone who is obviously experienced in not only the Law, but on a practical basis.

    I would highly recommend Hugo and he is a natural communicator and someone I would use going forward.

  2. Having found Mr. Navarrete as a recommended lawyer by the Irish Consulate here in Barcelona. I can say I was extremely happy with the service provided. Mr. Navarrete, was extremely professional, and ensured that the process met the highest legal standards for both Spain and Ireland.

    1. Many thanks, Kevin; and thanks to the Irish Consulate in Barcelona too, for recommending me as a solicitor in Barcelona. What an honor that is¡. I am humbly delighted.

  3. Como vendedor de mi apartamento he conocido a Hugo como el abogado del comprador de una familia inglesa.
    He de decir que la comunicación fue muy fluida y sobre todo muy resolutivo con los problemas que siempre aparece en una venta como esta.
    Recomendable 100 x 100. Me saco el sombrero.

    1. Hola José Manuel, en primer lugar muchísimas gracias por tus palabras, y con tu gesto de sacarte el sombrero, yo también me lo saco para aplaudir a un caballero. No solo por el mensaje, que ya es motivo de satisfacción y orgullo profesional; sino porque no trabajaba para tí, tu eras mi oponente. Debo de reconocer que cuando en el otro lado hay buena gente, todo es más facil. Una nota para el recuerdo que resume tu comportamiento y que ilustra el por qué yo también me saco el sombrero ante tí: justo unos días antes de la venta fuiste a pasar la revisión de la caldera; de una caldera que no vas a utilizar porque estás vendiendo, pagando de tu propio bolsillo. ¿Tenías que hacerlo?, la respuesta es no. ¿Habría pasado algo de no hacerlo? no. El mensaje es mucho mas profundo, sabes que entra una familia llena de ilusión, con niños pequeños, y quieres que estén a gusto.
      Detalles así no pasan desapercibidos.
      Eres de esas personas que vende porque la vida te lleva por otros caminos, pero que realmente quieres y deseas que el que compre tenga esa misma experiencia y sea feliz donde tu lo fuiste. Gracias.

  4. Hugo did a fantastic and professional job during my recent purchase of a property in Spain. He made what I though would be a daunting experience enjoyable as we navigated through the process and I learnt a lot… thanks Hugo

  5. Mi caso no fue sencillo, recibí una multa por parte del ayuntamiento de 60.001€ por alquilar la vivienda como piso turístico a través de la plataforma Airbnb. Contacté con Hugo a través de una amiga. Fue el primer abogado de varios que se miró el caso de forma debida, a otros que fuimos para informarnos decían directamente que el caso estaba perdido.

    Después de este largo proceso, puedo decir que Hugo no solo es un excelente abogado, desde el primer momento ha mostrado su empatía, flexibilidad, y amabilidad. Su profesionalidad y experiencia me transmitió tranquilidad durante los dos años del proceso. Siempre ha estado disponible para cualquier llamada o mensaje, siendo claro a la hora de traducir terminología legal a un vocabulario fácil de comprender.

    El caso finalizó con éxito, Hugo ha sabido muy bien qué camino tomar, el tiempo del cual teníamos y los documentos precisos para obtener una respuesta positiva.
    Después de esta experiencia definitivamente Hugo Navarrete se lleva mi agradecimiento y una excelente recomendación.

    Muchas gracias Hugo!

  6. We hired Hugo as our lawyer in 2017 in connection with an apartment purchase in Spain.

    It turned out to be a wonderfully good choice.

    For four years he has worked for our cause and been our connection with the real estate developer and the bank in Spain.

    The case was happily resolved in our favor this May.

    We are so deeply grateful for Hugo’s unstoppable commitment – we would have felt completely helpless without his efforts.

    We can warmly recommend Hugo to whoever it is, he kept our hopes up with good, useful and constructive communication in an always pleasant way.

    We give him our best recommendations.

  7. Vi kjøpte en leilighet i Barcelona i 2017, den skulle være ferdig i 2019, men det ble den dessverre ikke.
    Vi valgte da å trekke oss fra kjøpet.

    Det tok lang tid å få tilbake pengene, men uten Hugo, som er en veldig dyktig og hyggelig advokat, er vi redd vi ikke hadde klart å få tilbake vårt innskudd.

    Mitt råd er å ikke kjøpe noe i Spania uten advokat.
    Bruk hjerne Hugo – han er en fin type.

  8. We wisten eerst niet zeker of het nodig was om een advocaat in te huren bij de aankoop van ons huis. Maar wat zijn we blij dat we dit wel hebben gedaan. Hugo heeft ervoor gezorgd dat alles goed geregeld en geregistreerd was voor de aankoop. Dit was namelijk niet het geval en heeft ons een hoop ellende gescheeld.
    We konden Hugo altijd bellen, maar hij reageerd ook snel via de e-mail. Dit gaf ons een vertrouwd gevoel tijdens het gehele proces. Wat het extra fijn maakte was zijn oprechte enthousiasme voor ons project. Tot slot was het voor ons handig dat hij kon vertalen bij de notaris, aangezien we de Spaanse taal nog niet volledig beheersen.

  9. Hugo heeft ons geweldig bij gestaan bij het aankopen van onze eerste huis in Aragón. Ondanks dat dit waarschijnlijk een wat ander huis is dan normaal heeft hij alles gedaan om onze zorgen te ontnemen en vragen te beantwoorden.
    Hugo brengt ook oprechte interesse en vriendelijkheid mee, wat ons gevoel bij de koop ook echt verbeterde.
    Als je een goede advocaat zoekt, heb je ‘m hier gevonden!

  10. Um profissional de mão cheia!!! Sempre que tenho qualquer tipo de problema e/ou dúvida jurídica recorro a Hugo para esclarecer-las. Muito atencioso e também cuidadoso com todos os detalhes, ele consegue perceber com imparcialidade a real necessidade e como atuar. E a consequência disso é que gera muita, mas muita confiança. Obrigado.

  11. Hugo is not only a great lawyer but also brings a friendliness that you want by your side in stressful times. I found Hugo through the Gov UK website recommendations and I completely see why he is there.

    From the word go he made us feel confident in our house purchase which went through safely and without hiccups which I would like to make clear really was down to Hugo – 10/10.

  12. Hugo is a fantastic lawyer – don’t be fooled by his casual, suit-less style! He helped me get out of nearly being fined an outrageous sum of money by the local municipal gov’t., by spotting and proving/arguing that they were using intimidation tactics to try and “catch” me, without having any of the proper proof they needed. I was completely absolved of any wrongdoing because he threw the text of law in their face and they had no recourse! He has also been hugely helpful as a consultant on other issues. I HIGHLY recommend Hugo and will use him again and again in the future whenever I need an attorney in Barcelona.

  13. Hugo was extremely quick and efficient when helping me with a legal issue regarding a residence in Barcelona. He dealt with my problem with great professionalism and he pursued my claim with great importance and acclaim. Hugo speaks in fluent English, therefore he was able to assist me with great precision and efficiency. He made me feel confident and respected as a client and I would highly recommend him to others. An all round great professional!

  14. Mange tak til Hugo for klar og præcis kommunikation og rådgivning på godt engelsk.
    Rådgivningen var desuden ærlig med en fornuftig holdning til hvornår det egner sig at bruge en advokat eller en anden instans til at få hjælp. Meget nyttigt.

    1. 因为着手购买第一套房产我们开始寻找律师,和丈夫在gov.uk找到推荐Hugo 律师的信息,并且翻看这里的留言,心里已经对他很信任了。因为合同繁杂,我们也没有买房经验,Hugo 律师真的是翻看了所有文件,并在和中介以及卖家的会谈中为我们找到合同中不合理的细节,反应很迅速,也很负责,让我们也免去了很多买房中随时可能踩踏的陷阱。随时和我们电话以及邮件沟通,英文很好,交流方便,专业性十足。真的很值得信赖和推荐!

  15. Hugo made the whole process of buying a flat in Barcelona super easy, his knowledge of the whole process and all the potential pitfalls was invaluable in making the experience stress-free. And to top it off he’s a really nice person!

  16. Hugo took the stress out of buying our first flat in Barcelona. He is extremely professional and knowledgeable but at the same time friendly and supportive. He was very generous with his time, accompanying us to various meetings, and making sure to explain each step of the process to us along the way. If you are looking for a trustworthy and diligent lawyer in Spain I would not hesitate to recommend him. Thank you Hugo for all of your help!

  17. Hugo Navarrete nagyon lelkiismeretesen végzi a munkáját. Tiszteletre méltó, hogy szabad idejébenm akár szombat este is rendelkezésre áll, ha szüksége van rá az ügyfelének. Nagyon szimpatikus és közvetlen, ugyanakkor ez nem megy a szakmaiság rovására. Spanyolországi magyarként nagyon megkönnyíti a helyzetemet az, hogy angolul tudok vele kommunikálni. Külön jó pont, hogy gondolatait úgy tudja megfogalmazni, hogy a joghoz nem értő személy is könnyedén megérthesse, és az adott problémát és a lehetséges megoldási módokat mindig jól körüljárja és minden eshetőséget számításba vesz.

  18. Thank you Hugo for your help. Not many lawyers would have picked up the phone on a Saturday evening to give us advice for free. Hugo was really knowledgeable and offered a number of ways I can solve my issue. His English was perfect which is a huge bonus for people who do not speak Spanish.

  19. After finding his details from a list provided by the British Consulate, I contacted him to see if he could help certify my identity.

    Hugo responded quickly, and by the following day I had everything I needed. True professional,. He’s also super nice and friendly to boot.

    Thanks again Hugo, and if I, or anyone I know, needs help, then I’ll be sure to pass on your name.

  20. Vi har kjent Hugo siden 2011 da han bistod oss ved kjøp av vår leilighet i Poble Sec, Barcelona. Det var meglerfirmaet CasaMona i Barcelona v/Tina Mathiassen som anbefalte ham for oss. Vi har nå kjent ham i 10 år og han er i tillegg til å være vår advokat og administrator av vår bolig i Barcelona – blitt en god venn. Hans profesjonalitet, tilgjengelighet, omfattende språkkunnskaper, personlige integritet og tiltalende vesen, gjør ham til en for oss uunnværlig ressursperson som bidrar til stor trygghet når vi har en bolig på avstand. Det er et stykke mellom Tromsø og Barcelona! Vi gir ham våre beste anbefalinger og er tilgjengelig for muntlig utdyping av vår relasjon til Hugo hvis noen ønsker dette.

  21. Здравствуйте!Я очень рекомендую Hugo как адвоката ,он профессионал в своем деле.С его помощью мне удалось решить все вопросы по оренде жилья в Барселоне.С первый консультации Hugo даст вам правильные ответы на ваши вопросы, вместе с ним вы обдумаете стратегию дальнейших действий

  22. I highly recommend Hugo for whatever legal issues you’ve having. I’m fortunate to have met him. He’s helped me recently through two important and stressful situations, regarding real estate and work, respectively. He’s really incredibly knowledgeable about a lot of things. He responded quickly and patiently to my endless questions and made sure I felt completely comfortable with what was decided. Without him I would have lost my mind. He will always be my go-to lawyer here.

  23. Conocí a Hugo Navarrete por recomendación de amigos, y ante la necesidad de resolver una reclamación que parecía no tener fin. Gracias a su dedicación, paciencia para explicármelo todo, y su criterio altamente profesional, el asunto está encaminado. Definitivamente, lo recomiendo!

  24. 在西班牙居住遇到法律问题往往会比在自己国家彷徨很多倍,这也是很多外国人为什么就算有胜诉把握也会放弃争取该有的权力的原因,除了法律专业还有语言专业问题,能找到有经验有责任心的律师是关键。很幸运能通过朋友推荐认识了又专业又靠谱的Hugo律师,将近三年来的接触总是让人那么定心和有信心。起先以为有名的大律师事务所会更好些,所以最早并没有委托他,跟大律师事务所接触后才明白:我的案子的大部分的工作都是由助理律师在做,而这是跟Hugo律师接触后才明白经验和耐心的重要性,他总能在诉讼过程的紧张和忐忑不安的时候站在前面替我抵挡一切,从初审到高级法院的次次胜诉足以证明他的实力和担当,感谢Hugo律师一路所作出的努力和付出!此时言语已经显得苍白无力。

  25. I firmly recommend Hugo Navarette to all people who need a competent, hard-working and trustworthy solicitor to help them with their financial, property and administrative problems.
    We have known Hugo for several years now and he has helped us considerably.
    We do not now live in Spain, and we have had a small flat in Barcelona for several years, which has served our family extremely well. Local administrative problems over the years, and the eventual sale of the apartment, have posed serious problems for us. Hugo was always there, and we got through a number of difficulties with success !
    Hugo, Thank you !

  26. Absolutely recommended : I have know Hugo for over 15 years and he has recently helped me on a recent case involving ‘financial mis-management’ (understatement) by a company of our family’s savings/pensions. He has been absolutely brilliant in his development of a strong case, his representation in the Hearings and actually in his support personally, in what have been difficult circumstances. In fact he has a reputation for succes in fighting for the rights of individuals against the institutions (Google him!), so is actually much more than a lawyer who manages property transactions. Having said that his first job for us was as our lawyer who initially helped us avoid a nightmare property purchase in Spain and ultimately guided us through to a succesful acquisition of our new home here. The difference that you will find in Hugo is that, beyond attributes of excellent attention to detail and creative thinking (useful in complex cases!), he is someone who cares for his client and will always have their best interests at heart.

  27. Hugo siempre nos ha ayudado y asesorado en las dudas sobre temas legales que hemos tenido en la comunidad, principalmente en la gestión de un propietario moroso.

  28. En febrero de este año comence los trámites para la compra de un inmueble en Barcelona justo antes de la erupción del Covid, me motivo comprarlo por nuestro amor a Barcelona y porque el banco nos aseguro verbalmente que sí concedía la hipoteca, posteriormente la deniega dejándome sin hipoteca y con las arras entregadas. Eran momentos de mucho nerviosismo y desconcierto, con el peligro real de perder el dinero entregado en arras. Mi sobrino que vive alli me puso en contacto con el abogado Hugo Navarrete, quien fue clave. No solo aportó tranquilidad, sino experiencia y conocimiento para garantizar que el dinero entregado en arras no se perdiera por falta de financiación. La inmobiliaria nunca dijo que tenía el derecho de recuperar el dinero entregado en arras, y el notario aún no había aparecido en escena porque no estábamos en condiciones de escriturar. Siendo yo argentino y no viviendo alli fue muy duro pero gracias a Hugo Navarrete se pudo resolver.Sin duda, recomiendo sus servicios.

  29. I cannot recommend Hugo highly enough. He went above and beyond to ensure our house sale was successful, which we conducted during the lockdown in both Spain and the UK. He is highly professional and skilled at negotiation, while also being very considerate and understanding. I was consulted every step of the way and Hugo was very patient while explaining all the intricacies of Spanish law. I always felt I was in very good hands and this proved to be the case when we were very successful in obtaining our full settlement in very adverse conditions. Thank you Hugo.

  30. Conocí a Hugo a través de unos familiares.
    Contacté con él buscando asesoramiento legal y fue determinante para ganar en el juicio contra mi empresa, siendo esta una administración pública, a la que reclamaba sobre mi situación laboral.
    La distancia que físicamente nos separa, más de 500 km., no ha sido ningún impedimento para que se implicara en el caso, siendo sus consejos, estrategia y asesoramiento de cara a la presentación de pruebas, testimonios y demás, los que marcaron la diferencia.
    Sin duda, un gran profesional.

  31. Throughout my career I have been dealing with over 10 lawyers in many diverse cases. Based on my experience, I can say that Hugo really stands out.
    First of all, he cares about his clients and he is passionate about defending their rights. He has a sharp mind and goes beyond if needed.
    Even though my initial conversation with him was positive, I was doubtful of accepting his terms of a fixed fee, as it felt like diving into the unknown without a tangible outcome.
    Of course no outcome can be guaranteed, but he will offer you dedication and quality legal services.
    He was worth every penny (or euro).
    Thank you.

  32. I found Hugo to be very kind and helpful when seeking advice regarding exchanging a UK drivers licence for a Spanish one. Even though there was no actual work in it for him, he made sure and returned my call, giving sincere and useful advice. I’d definitely consider approaching him for legal advice, support in the future.

  33. Hugo is genuine and trustworthy person, I highly recommend his services.

    I engaged him for help with a Spanish landlord and he really helped me, even going the extra mile. He is extremely responsive and reliable.

  34. We recently worked with Hugo to purchase our property in Spain. From day one we found his approach professional and friendly, and he helped us through the challenges we faced during the process. With his experience we felt confident that all angles would be covered, and he helped make legal jargon easy to understand. We would not hesitate to work with him again in the future.
    Hugo, thank you so much for helping us with our purchase our new flat. We are very happy, and couldn’t have done it without you.

  35. Hugo helped me out at very short notice when I needed a contract prepared to rent my flat In Barcelona. He is very helpful, and responds rapidly. I have no hesitation in recommending his services. Thanks Hugo!

  36. Hugo helped assist me in buying a private property in Barcelona. He has considerable knowledge regarding the property sector and felt relaxed knowing everything was in his control. I would recommend Hugo to anyone!

  37. Hugo has been of great help dealing with my agency. He is very knowledgeable and most importantly, very honest and pleasant to work with. I would definitely recommend him.

  38. The help and support i’ve recieved from Hugo has been invaluable in getting the confidence to pursue debts owed to me by a unscrupulous landlord, always polite and timely in his responses i strongly recommend him to any English speaking Foreigners living in Spain and needing legal aid.

  39. Without Hugo we could not have purchased our property in Barcelona, it was an amazing service, he made it happen quickly & easily. Hugo advised us, guided us through the process & was happy to explain everything at every step. For us, no one understands the local system as well as Hugo, even when we encountered complex issues they were resolved by Hugo’s knowledge & experience. Hugo’s English is great so we had no problem communicating, besides translating what was going on the day of the contract signing, he also came with us to the local government offices on several visits afterwards. Hugo’s follow-up is timely & thorough, we would absolutely recommend Hugo to both local & foreign buyers & sellers of property in Barcelona. If we ever come to sell, Hugo will be our first call.

    1. Hva kan man si om en fantastisk person som Hugo, som vil gi en korrekt oppfatning av han som advokat, person, venn, medmenneske m.m?!
      Jeg kom I kontakt med Hugo Navarrete i 2003, igjennom Det Norske utenriksdepartement og spanske konsulat Barcelona.
      Jeg hadde behov for advokat i en fæl barnefordelinsak, hvor mor hadde holdt barnet skjult for meg i 1 år. Dette var en opprivende og vanskelig sak, men Hugo jobbet iherdig med saken og ordnet en god fordeling, samt at jeg ble gitt delt foreldreansvar. Hugo behandlet meg som en person og ikke bare som en vilkårlig klient. Jeg ble godt kjent med Hugo og hans familie, som åpnet sitt hjem og hjerter for meg i en vanskelig tid. Hugo var rolig, høflig, forståelsesfull, kjærlig, trøstende og åpen. Det var lett og bli glad i Hugo og vi har vært venner siden.

  40. Hugo’s name came up when I searched the internet for an English speaking lawyer in Barcelona to help with a property purchase.
    His English is excellent and and he steered me through the process, making it relatively stress-free. It was always easy to get hold of him on the phone and my e mails were always answered promptly. Highly recommended!

  41. The minute I spoke with Hugo for the first time explaining him our property issues via phone, he has immediately advised.
    It is rare to find such a positive and helpful lawyer these days.
    Thank you, Hugo!

  42. I met Hugo in 2012 as I wanted to acquire an apartment in Barcelona. I chose Hugo to assist me as a lawyer. I was impressed by his professionalism, his responsiveness and his reliability. As I was based in Hong Kong, and totally unfamiliar with the procedures in Spain, I really needed someone locally to take care of every details. Hugo’s answers were always precise and fact based, his advice always proved relevant and thanks to him the acquisition, the related administrative procedures and banking arrangements went smoothly and without delay, including the power of attorney which had to be done at the consulate in Hong Kong. Since this acquisition I’ve been in touch with Hugo who kept providing me with information whenever needed: his “after sales service” is clearly above my expectations. I fully trust his probity and value his advice. Last but not least, Hugo is a very nice and friendly person, always reachable: it is a pleasure to deal with him.

  43. Hugo har vært til stor hjelp i vår flytteprosess fra Norge til Barcelona og forhandlinger rundt kontrakter. Han er alltid kjapp til å svare, villig til å hjelpe og har tilbudt oss personlige tjenester langt utover det man kan forvente i ett profesjonelt forhold. Det er ingen tvil om at han alltid har hatt våres interesser i tankene og gitt sine anbefalinger samtidig som han har respektert våres avgjørelser.

    Tusen takk, Hugo!!! Du er en fantastisk person!

  44. I met Hugo in 2011 through a co-worker for whom he had won a very complicated labour lawsuit. Since then I am counting with his support and counselling in various legal subjects related to labour law and real state law. Over time it is evident to me his great commitment to the causes he represents, his high human values ​​and ability to manage challenges on behalf of his clients. Currently, he is still my lawyer.

  45. I am a Notary Public in Whitehall (Central London) specialized in Spanish Notary/Legal Work.
    I have known Hugo Navarrete since 2006. Since then he has referred my Notary services to many of his British clients to enable them to sign and legalise notarial documents for use in Spain without the need for those clients to travel to Spain. I have always found Hugo to be professional and reliable and the feedback I received from his clients has been very positive.
    It is always a pleasure to deal with Hugo and his clients.

  46. My Partner and I used Hugo in 2007 to buy a flat in Sitges Barcelona as he had been recommended to us by our property agent and we were very impressed . I was Senior Partner in a firm of Solicitors until I retired four years ago and whilst I was in practice I recommended Hugo regularly to clients buying properties in Spain who have l been equally impressed

  47. We’ve worked with Hugo on two occasions now, and both times he has been wonderful to work with. Great knowledge of Spanish law and communicates very well in English. More than that though, he’s friendly, approachable and easy to work with. He’s always happy to help.

  48. Hugo is a hard working and diligent professional who goes the extra mile for his clients. With his help, buying a home in Barcelona was a smooth and orderly process. You can trust him with all your legal needs. I’m so thankful to be able to call on Hugo whenever I have a legal issue that needs attention.

  49. Hugo has managed property conveyancing for me on several occasions, and I have been grateful for and impressed by the effort and commitment he puts into making the process run smoothly. He provides clear information and advice in what is a pretty complex market. On one occasion when I was part-way through a purchase and the seller pulled out, he persevered in rather trying circumstances and finally managed to reclaim the due compensation from the seller, which I have subsequently been told is quite unusual. I have recommended Hugo already to a number of friends based on the above and the fact that I trust him, to the point where when I have been travelling and unable to sign paperwork I have given him power of attorney to act on my behalf. I look forward to working together again soon.

  50. Hugo was referred to me by a friend and gave me some quick advice over the phone concerning a flat in Barcelona. It is fortunate to find an English speaking lawyer in Spain. I really appreciated his time and friendly manner.

  51. Hugo is a Great profesional who helped to me with a wonderful legal support when I felt totally lost. I highly recommend him. Thank you!

  52. I have known Hugo for over 15 years and would not hesitate in recommending him to anyone looking for reliable and professional legal counsel.
    Not only did Hugo support me through the buying process in BCN – but also with selling the property at a later date.
    When Hugo gives you his word – quite simply – you are safe.
    Thank you Hugo

  53. Hugo recently helped me negotiate a tenancy contract and, from the outset, was responsive, informative, clear, friendly and an all-round good human! I would recommend him absolutely.

  54. Many of my fears of finding good legal support as a foreigner in Spain were put to rest right from the start! I have only had a free telephone consultation with Hugo, and already he has demonstrated to be highly objective, supportive, and diligent in his field. I will be using his help should my situation require it in the future

  55. Hugo helped me with important documents. He was very helpful and generous with his time. He has been even more help to my partner dealing with complex property issues and helped her to receive a large payment that was due to her but difficult to obtain. It would not have happened without his expert help.

  56. We met Hugo 5 years ago in Barcelona when we decided to invest in property there. He was and is a great lawyer, very diligent with a real attention to details. He gave us great advice. Since then we are friends and recommended him to family and friends. If we have a lawyer anywhere it is him. Gracias mi amigo!

  57. Hugo was recommended to me by one of his clients. He listened to my problem and gave me great, helpful advice immediately. He knows his stuff!

  58. Hugo er en hjelpsom, flott person som har hjulpet meg med praktiske svar angående godkjenning av utenlandsk utdanning m.m. Anbefales på det varmeste.

  59. Hugo is my reference in Barcelona, my right hand. He helped me when I was really in problems. He’s a good person and you can trust him.

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