Spain Visa to Live the Mediterranean Life

Ever thought of the Spain visa? Well, if you ever considered living the Mediterranean lifestyle, Spain might just be the place for you. One of the ways to explore it is with a non-lucrative visa from Spain

The reality is that the pandemic reset priorities for people. For instance, the very nature of work changed. Many people and companies shifted to remote working. As people began to explore working remotely, suddenly, the world opened.

Countries worldwide realized that digital nomads could be lucrative assets for their economies. Greece became one of the first countries in Europe to offer a visa for digital nomads. However, a Spain visa is also a distinct possibility for those able to sustain themselves.

Why a Spain Visa?

Spain is a beautiful Mediterranean country. It’s got an easy lifestyle, fantastic food, wine, shorelines, and people. So, applying for the Spanish non-lucrative temporary residency visa may be an excellent alternative for you to explore the world.

This type of Spain Visa is available to EU citizens or those without an EU nationality that have enough economic means to support themselves while living in Spain and do not engage in any work or professional activities.

The one-year non-lucrative temporary residence visa requires applicants to show they have at least €27,793 worth of funds available. And if you renew your Spain visa to have two more years of residency, applicants must show twice the amount: €55,586. Read more about it in our news update about the non-lucrative visa.

Resources for Making Spain Home

Should you want to move beyond the Spanish visa and make it a permanent place to live, it’s important to understand legal issues and real estate. Many expats decide to make Spain their second home. So, please take a look at these resources:

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