Thomas and Danielle “going native” in Calpe, Spain

I am delighted to invite you to follow the blog blog.bouman.io. “Our adventures in Caspe”.
It is made by Thomas and Danielle, a young Dutch couple who bought a property in Caspe, Spain. I had the priviledge of being their lawyer / solicitor for the house purchase, www,hugolawyer.com; and witnessing the energy and enthusiasm both had for the project. It is a real and inspirational story, not only of people looking for a place in the sun, but also of people trying to make a living and positive impact in their new place, sustainable, eco-friendly. I am not sure if applies to “grand design” project in the terms of the size of the construction; but the fact that it is done by them, foreigners, with no previous experience, makes it a real challenge, and a real adventure.

Good luck, and the very best my friends.

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