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If you’re looking at Spanish properties for sale, now’s the time to buy. In short, the Spanish real estate market is doing well and expanding. As a result, our team wants to give you the latest news and insights about the current market. If you’re going to purchase a property in Spain, now’s the time to look at properties. Take a look at our latest news update.

As mentioned, the real estate market in Spain is doing really well based on Spanish land registry reporting. Existing homes make up for the bulk of the sales in Spanish properties. In short, they totaled 12.5% on Q2-21 to 124,722 units, and new home sales came in 11.6% higher at 29,433 units for the third quarter this year alone!

Media Reports Regarding Spanish Properties

As you’ll read in our detailed news update regarding Spanish properties, several reasons exist for the rise. First, after lockouts and spending so much time indoors during the pandemic, many people dream about living in a bigger house with more amenities like gardens or patios.

The reality is that a lot of pent-up energy and demand exists. As governments move toward living with the virus, a shift is happening with the public. In short, they want to move on with their lives. And those who want to live in Spain started to buy the opportunities available.

Second, those who kept their jobs despite the pandemic increased their personal savings. As a result, they can now afford pricier housing they perhaps couldn’t do before the pandemic started. Another reason includes that people feel better prepared because there’s less debt on credit cards.

Barcelona Tips for Buying Property

So, don’t miss taking a look at the Spanish properties news update. And if you happen to be an expat looking to purchase property in Barcelona, take a look at Barcelona real estate tips.

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